Maturing Leadership

Leadership training is conducted regularly for the Orang Asli farmers at Kg Ulu Gumum to empower them to be self-sustaining and to conserve their environment. We now witness maturing leadership amongst the Orang Asli since the OA Organics farm first started in December 2015.

This is seen in the way they handle disagreement and navigate group consensus. A case in point is their recent discussion on improving crop planning efficiency and reducing high vegetable wastage.

The farm committee proposed the solution of having a specialist team of seeders among them, but the farmers disagreed with the extra expenses involved. In normal circumstances, the leaders would have given up in frustration or helplessness at the lack of team cooperation.

However, we saw glimpses of visionary leadership in action. The farm committee suggested keeping the current status quo, and revisiting the proposal after two months.

The OA leaders’ response has demonstrated their understanding of the process of staged progress, and the need for patience and time for new ideas to be accepted. We are proud of their maturing leadership!

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