Water Problem Solved (7-31 August 2017)

The water problem has been largely resolved. One way valves were installed to ensure water is delivered smoothly to the water tanks. The drippers remain a problem as it is easily dislodged by the grass cutting activity. And in this way, much water gets lost. This requires further trouble shooting. It may be that the drippers have to be changed or elevated. But for now, the pumps are working well and the water tanks can be filled within 4 hours of pumping.

The alternative pump with a 11m deep tube well  can only fill up 250 gallons of water in 20 minutes before the water level drops. The replenishment rate may take an hour to push back the water to pumping levels.

New & Improved Greenhouses by Gamuda (5-6 August 2017)

5 and 6 August, Gamuda with a volunteer force of 30 persons came to build another greenhouse measuring 50 by 24 feet. It was an improved version of the earlier greenhouses and this structure will be able to hold 6,000 plants. It is projected that this structure will be able to increase their yield by RM4,000.

On the same weekend, Ghafar and Idah’s son gets married and there is a festive kenduri to celebrate the occasion.