Farm Management & Team Work (8-30 JULY 2017)

Sadly, three of the trainees have dropped out. It’s a mixture of reasons. One is perhaps clash of working styles and the other two possibly that they find that their effort put in does not bring them the large enough rewards they had hoped. Or that they may have lost confidence in the way the farm is not producing  adequately high yields. Or that they find the disciplines too demanding and are unable to make the adjustments to a more disciplined and daily work lifestyle. It probably is a mixture of  the reasons above and we continue to motivate the one remaining.

Bitter gourds were not properly wrapped and there was significant losses as a result of this neglect. Diseased leaves and insects were not being managed efficiently , adding to the stunted growth projections and yields. The reasons given for this slack was lack of teamwork. Persons who were given the task of vegetable fruit wrapping were expected to complete it by themselves. And those who had completed other task were not willing to help the wrapping even though it was behind schedule or not done. In order to address the lack of teamwork, two working teams were formed. And each team was responsible for the whole process of the plots they worked on. There is much to be done in farm management and good teamwork.