YKPM, founded on 22 Sept 1993, aims to empower poor communities, both rural and urban, by working alongside them.

Over the years, the Orang Asli-Jakun communities in the Pekan district has become our major focus with development programs inclusive of literacy classes, house buliding, providing safe and drinking water and starting income generating projects. In addition public policy advocacy and capacity building of grassroots and  volunteers has been our secondary thrust.

YKPM’s current major project is working alongside the Orang Asli communities in Ulu Gumum, Pekan, Pahang to undertake an economy projects (eco farm and eco-tourism). Our partnership with 12 families in this community has established a 2.5 acre organic farm which main objective is to increase the household income of the families involved in the project and to make them equity owners. This is an economy project based on community solidarity with a goal to build fair societies through fair businesses where their culture, environment and dignity are preserved. Some of the accomplishments of YKPM include raising the required seed capital, securing expertise in agriculture, as well as the marketing and sale of the eco farm products.

A “Diploma in Social Work” course is being developed by YKPM in close cooperation with the Methodist College, the Malaysian Association of Social Workers and other voluntary organisations to incorporate social work competencies in the curriculum and is now awaiting formal approval from the relevant bodies with an expected launch date by mid-2017.

The new program of YKPM is this partnership with Early Autism Project (EAP) in this community initiative – “The YKPM-EAP Hope Project” in working alongside low income families and their members with autism.

YKPM is also involved in urban poor policy research and  facilitation of  SDG alliance.


YKPM Advisory Board includes: Datuk Dr Daniel Ho, Ng Eng Leong & Prof Ramy Bulan

YKPM Board of Directors are: Tan Sri Dato, Ramon V  Navaratnam, Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria  & Kon Onn Sein (General Manager)